Still having a hard time deciding which kind of chiavari chair to get? Well, we want to help. A lot depends on the application. What do you need these chairs for? To rent them out all over town or keep them in-house at your hotel or wedding venue? Wood chairs are less expensive, but aren't necessarily as resilient as resin chiavari chairs. So if you're going to be piling stacks of chairs on a box truck delivering them every weekend, maybe you should consider resin chairs. Or if space is a big concern, consider the metal chiavari chairs, which stack closer together and save big floor space. Also be thinking about your end user. The bride. The event coordinator. The guests. Perhaps they would prefer the natural warmth of a real wood chiavari chair. Or maybe your hotel would look great with metal chairs. Commercial Grade Quality: Chiavari Chairs Design for Quintessential Element of an Upscale Event. Chiavari chairs are the pinnacle of fine event seating. Made famous by the Kennedy wedding and often referred to as Chivari chairs, this style of seating has become as quintessential element of an upscale event. So much so, in fact, that having chiavari chairs in your rental inventory or venue can become a critical element of a successful wedding or other special event. We offer a full variety of wood, resin and metal chiavari chairs for sale along with a great selection of cushion options. All our wholesale chiavari chairs are commercial-grade quality and have been party rental tested to ensure years of use and a strong return on your investment. The other component adding to chiavari popularity comes from logistics. Chiavari chairs are easy chairs to own. They stack, which is critical for rental companies and venues alike. They can also be easily transported with a chiavari dolly, so they require no backbreaking labor to set up for an event. Our products hold up longer, translating into more profits for you. We also have many types of accessories available such as chair cushions (sorry, no free cushion) or covers to offer our customers more options.
Discount chiavari chairs are great for wedding receptions. These are not available as resin folding chairs with a resin steel core, but we have great wholesale prices. We have discount chiavari banquet chairs that can be used as a wedding chiavari chair. We also have access to folding chairs wholesale if these type of chairs are not for you. Unfortunately, we do not have free shipping nor can we guarantee lowest price. We will do our best to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and we will try to beat any other prices that you find and we can get verified. You can contact us about cushions for the chiavari chairs and aluminum chiavari chairs that we do sell on the site. Please contact us to get a shipping quote. The larger the quantity purchased, the lower the price will be. We will be happy to help you out, either give us a call, email us or just use our shipping cart to get a no hassle quote. We will send it over as soon as possible and there is no hard sell with Discount Seating.
The chiavari chair, also known as the chiavarina, or tiffany chair, is a wooden chair of Ligurian design dating from 1807. These were an original design from the north western italian coast region and have been a favorite ever since that time. The chair is designed with each component made for the specific stresses it will carry. These are well suited for use in all types of settings such as weddings, graduation, formal dining, casual dining and other types of parties. The best part is that they are stackable and can be easily stored for later use at your next event. These can be obtained with a padded seat or used without the padding. They can also be used with a chair cover to enhance the looks. These chairs are suitable for almost any occasion. These can be purchased by a catering company to enhance the value of the business to add chair rental to the offerings that they have. The chair rental price for these chairs can quickly pay off the initial cost. You will quickly be making money renting these beautiful chairs out after they are paid off. These are made to last a long time, so you should have plenty of opportunities to rent them out so that you can make money from these in the long run.
The choices you make for seating and furniture at your business can make or break it. When you have a good atmosphere, and the clients are comfortable, they will spend more time there and order more drinks. You may think that is not the greatest thing as you want to turn the tables over. But, if they are not comfortable, will they return? The answer is probably no, so you want them to have good seating and a good ambiance. This matched with the good food will bring them back. With that in mind, we offer great furniture. We have good prices. We offer quick shipping. Choose our company and you will be treated with respect and we will do everything we can to get you the chairs, stools, tables and bases to you when you need them. Whether you have a restaurant, bistro, cafe, banquet hall, cater or are just planning a wedding, graduation or seminar, we can take care of you. The best part is we will save you money on what you need. We hope that you will spend some time on the site and see what we have. You can browse by the category you are looking for. We have searches that you can use. View our special sales and closeouts as well. You may find just what you need.