Terms and Conditions

Color Disclaimer

Stains may appear different on certain browsers and colors may not be accurate and textures may not be properly visualized as a result of photographic, Internet & computer inaccuracies and many other factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product colors, textures and stains & grains you see displayed on this site are perfectly accurate.


No Deductions are permitted from a DiscountSeating.net invoice unless approved in writing from DiscountSeating.net. Any order held in the warehouse for more than 15 days at a customers request will be invoiced and must be paid within terms. All forms of payment must be reviewed and approved by Discount Seating.

Title of Merchandise

It is clearly understood that title to all merchandise sold remains with the seller until the purchase is paid in full. The giving of possession by Seller to Buyer of unpaid merchandise, is solely an accomodation to Buyer and does not pass any title to Buyer until the full charge is paid, including interest on the balance at 1.5% per month.

Orders and Revisions

Confirmation of orders may be made by fax or email. Any changes made to original orders that are in process may be subject to additional charges and delays. In the event of cancellation, purchasers may be charged for materials and supplies whether work is in process or in stock. Prices are subject to change.

Availability of Stock

Discount Seating does not guarantee availability of items shown on this web site. Certain items may be discontinued at manufacturer's discretion without notice. We will try to keep the web site as current as possible.


All Chairs and Barstools must be inspected monthly for any signs of structural weakness (loose bolts, screws, or seperation of joints). If this occurs the chair or barstool should be removed from service immediately until proper maintenance can be performed. Chairs or Barstools should be wiped down and polished on a monthly basis.


Please see the individual product for construction information, if it is not there, please contact us for information


Please view the individual product to warranty information, if it is not there, please contact us for information


No merchandise can be returned without express written authorization of Discount Seating. Please view the Shipping & Returns page for more information