Restaurant Chairs and Seating

Furniture designs are as diverse as the cuisines served in the spaces they furnish. From classic, instantly recognizable icons; to down-to-earth, honest products; and daring, contemporary experiments, there is a perfect restaurant chair for every occasion. High-Quality: Restaurant Chair made from Finest Materials that Booths to fit all Budgets. A Restaurant chair is the most important in every restaurant. Exceptional style and comfort. Incredibly affordable prices. Expert customer service. Reliable shipping. All are key to furnishing your restaurant, bar, cafe, lounge, banquet hall, or any venue. Look no further: our site is your one-stop destination for the most up-to-date styles of seating and bar stools - in wood, metal, wood-metal combinations and aluminum. We also offer table bases and tops, booths to fit all budgets, interior and outdoor seating plans, design concepts, and an array of delivery schedules. The furniture you choose for your restaurant can make or break your business! When your design theme matches your cuisine, you deliver a memorable experience that your customers will tell all their friends about. Whether you run a quaint little bistro, an authentic Old English pub or a high-tech sushi bar you will also need a restaurant chair, set the scene with the right furniture and accessories. Our high-quality, well-designed restaurant chair is not only fit into any decor, they are durable, practical and competitively priced. Selected items are also available on relatively short notice. You'll profit from our years of experience and expertise in the industry. We know our products. We understand our clients and their needs. We are flexible and reachable. We work hard to ensure an excellent shopping experience so that you'll continue to count on us for years to come. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and performance. Not only do we have a huge inventory for your convenience, we aim to provide the best shopping experience possible. From our low prices to expedited shipping, you are certain to get what you need with ease. Our restaurant chair is made from the finest materials and will remain durable for years, and you will be completely satisfied with every purchase. The wood seating that we have is made from either european or asian beech wood. The European Beech wood chair and stool cost more, but should last a bit longer. It is a less brittle wood, but for the cost difference, either one will get you years of great use. The key to keeping the wood furniture good is to consistently check them. If they are wobbly, tighten the screws down to the frame. This will not allow the wood to move around and enlarge the holes. You can also put in wood glue before you tighten them to keep them secure even longer. The other nice thing about wood furniture is that it gives your business a upper scale look. These pieces are usually available in mahogany, walnut, natural, or cherry stains. Some pieces are available in other stains as well. You will have seat options as well. You can choose from vinyl or fabric material as well as a wood seat. Another option is to send your own material (also known as COM) to match your booths or other styles in your bistro, cafe or dining room. This gives you another option for your decor if you do not like any of the options that we have for the seating. Cleaning them often is also another key to keep your seating in good repair. Use a mild soapy water and soft cloth to wipe them off often. Make sure to wipe the seats and also the frame. Pay careful attention to the lower legs as those tend to get a lot of dirt and grime on them from people rubbing their shoes on them. If you ever have a glide go bad, be sure to replace it as quickly as possible, these are also called levelers. Feel free to purchase extra when you buy the seating so you do not have to take any out of service if they break or fall off. This is very important as if the seat is wobbly, it will lead to the frame getting loose faster and that can lead to the wood cracking and causing the chair to fail. One more thing to consider is what type of floor it may be on and that will lead to possibly wanting a different type of glide. Most furniture will come with hard plastic glides, this can be used on all floor types. But, if you have a tile floor it can leave marks on the floor (especially if the glides are black). You can instead use felt glides and they will slide right over the floor. The only problem that you may find with that is if you have large gaps in the tile, they may come off faster. If you want a better grip I would suggest using a rubber leveler, but that will definitely leave marks on the flooring that you use. In most cases it is best to just stay with what is on the chairs, but be sure to order extras in case of any failure. They are pretty cheap and good insurance for your expensive chairs to prevent failure.
Contact us if you would like to explore any other options in regards to your furniture needs. Whether you are opening a new business or if you are just doing a remodel of an existing site.
We carry a large selection of commercial grade seating. Our restaurant seating choices are hard to beat. We have many choices and difficult to find items such as folding chairs and lounge chairs. If you are looking for one stop shopping, we can also get you restaurant tables to go with the seating. We specialize in outdoor restaurant seating. We have a wide variety of furniture for you sidewalk cafe, patio or smoking area.
The choices you make for seating and furniture at your business can make or break it. When you have a good atmosphere, and the clients are comfortable, they will spend more time there and order more drinks. You may think that is not the greatest thing as you want to turn the tables over. But, if they are not comfortable, will they return? The answer is probably no, so you want them to have good seating and a good ambiance. This matched with the good food will bring them back. With that in mind, we offer great furniture. We have good prices. We offer quick shipping. Choose our company and you will be treated with respect and we will do everything we can to get you the chairs, stools, tables and bases to you when you need them. Whether you have a restaurant, bistro, cafe, banquet hall, cater or are just planning a wedding, graduation or seminar, we can take care of you. The best part is we will save you money on what you need. We hope that you will spend some time on the site and see what we have. You can browse by the category you are looking for. We have searches that you can use. View our special sales and closeouts as well. You may find just what you need.
We have manufacturers from all over the US that furniture may be shipped from to lower your costs of getting your new products. Most of the wood seating products come fully assembled and the only thing that you have to do is take the protective cover off them. They will arrive shrink wrapped on a pallet. Be sure to check over the stools, seating, tables or bases that you receive. Sometimes they may have damage that occurred in transit that is hidden from view. If you see any damage, note it on the shipping papers to easily get the products replaced or repaired with out charge to you. If it is not on the shipper paper work, it makes it more difficult to get the manufacturer to take care of the problem.